Somali-own sultanates:-
Somali city-states : B.C
Sultanate of Mogadishu : 10th century
Adal sultanate : 13th century
Warsangelin sultanate : 13th century
Ajuran empire : 13th century
Majertin sultanate : 17th century
Geledi sultanate : 17th century
Hobyo sultanate : 19the century
Dervish state : 20th century
Sultanate of Harar after Adal sultanate.
Silcis sultanate before Geledi sultanate.
Gasaaragude sultanate.
Jiddu sultanate at Qoryooley.
Fakhruddin sultanate.

Somali-related sultanates:-
Qahtani. Zanzibaar. Colonial empire.


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